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Welcome to LnnkIn
Start generating extremely short URLs for your long URLs absolutely free and share them with your users through social media or any other platform of your choice. When you generate a short URL from LnnkIn you will get a tracking URL through which you can track the clicks on your short URL.

And one more interesting thing is that you will also be able to track Country wise clicks for your short URL. And you don't have to do Sign Up and Login at all.

And if you want to manage all your links then you can login to your account.

Why LnnkIn ?
Below are some features of LnnkIn.
  • Generate unlimited short URLs for free with lifetime validity.
  • Generate unlimited custom URLs for free with lifetime validity.
  • Generate Password protected short URLs.
  • Custom URLs starts with "@" which gives classy look to your URL like
  • It has its own Chrome extension which makes short URL generation quick and easy.
  • It provides real time insights for the clicks on short URLs for free.
  • An account can be created to manage all your generated links.
  • Mobile friendly.